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Jaytex Warp Tying (Beam Knotting) Machine :

Production of fabrics successively with the same design is easier utilizing a warp-tying machine to exchange the beams. Jaytex warp tying machine is the most effective and low budget and maintenance free machine which fulfills this requirement to a large degree. Tying installations, which requires a minimum of time for changing the warp contributes a lot to the efficiencies and low stoppage rates of the high performance looms. Jaytex is the pioneer in developing warp tying equipment with 100% Indigenous components. End to end warp tying at a high speed, directly on loom along with healds, reeds etc.

It is a highly compact & sophisticated machine, which deals with delicate yarn at a very high speed. The working range of this machine is practically unlimited it can tie any material with or without lease may it be cotton, spun, worsted, filament, P.V., woolen, denim slub, furnishing auto or industrial fabric from finest to coarsest with high efficiency at low labour cost. Easy adaptability to different tying methods at any time. Maintenance free timing belt drive in all the machines. It is a guarantee for service, spares & economy.

JAYTEX fully automatic warp tying machine. Fitted with maintenance free timing pully belt drive, having 24 – volts permanent magnet D.C. electric motor 3000 R.P.M., with cooling fan. For speed control P.C.B. with control pot and on-off switch is provided. Completely adjustable light fitting for bright illumination on the knotting spot. The machine is totally enclosed with necessary cover from all the sides, to prevent fiber, dust, lint, yarn residuals etc. entering the working parts. Digital counting & auto stop motion in case of double end selection or breakage optional available in all model machines.

Models for Warp Tying (Beam Knotting) Machine:
JS Model:
Tying from both sheet to sheet for sized warps, selection by selector needles, count range 6’ s to 80’s single.
JL Model:
For leased warps. Tying from both lease to lease, for the warps wound on sectional warping or leased by machine after sizing with double lease. Count/ Din. Range 110’s cotton / 50 Din. Filament up to 6’s cotton 2000 Din. Any type
of mixed blends, worsted, spun, P.V. etc.
JSL Model:
Universal type provided with lease to lease & sheet to sheet tying module. Yarn range as above.

P.U.A.C. Model:

Ideally developed for suiting, shirting, furnishing SLUB & FANCY yarn. With technical provisions adapted any counts and type of yarn with un-even condition provided in a single width, can be knotted with or without lease (two selection system). As per the thickness or count of warp the automatic self-adjusting thread clip assures appropriate tension to the threads of both layers no matter how coarse or fine they are. With variable speed control inching motion brighter tube illumination for clear knotting vision the PUAC is developed for today’s high-speed textile industry.

Pattern Control Model:

A uniquely developed machine with multiple selection system (i.e. L to L, S to S, L to S, S to L) can be used as per your knotting needs. The automatic self adjusting thread clip takes care of any type of pattern with a multiple selection system, & double end knock-off arrangement. It also takes care of different series of yarn with un-even counts and denier wound in one single width. Jaytex machines are electronically regulated it can infinitely adjust from 60 to 600 knots per minute according to count and condition of the warp. An emergency stop motion in case of a fault in selection. Clear display of pattern counts and so on in progressive counting. The machine can handle virtually any yarn delicately without any worry or damage, be it multi filament, pure silk, double or single thread with multi colored pattern, and variations in yarn count with or without lease. Ranging from the finest to coarsest. Ideally suitable for suiting, shirting and furnishing SLUB & FANCY yarn.

Heavy Duty Model:
For very heavy counts and Din. sheet to sheet or lease to lease ranging from single 6’s up to 4 X 6’s and 3000 Din. higher range then single 6’s or
800 Din. “PUAC” model machine is recommended.
Yarn Dressing Frame:
Jaytex frames are manufactured as per your requirement in height & width ranging between 120 cms. (50”) up to 400 cms. (160” ) With in this range every requested width can be accommodated in stages of 25 cms. (10”). For twin beams your choice are either one frame covering both the warp beam width, or one single frame with double side clamping system or two single frame with coupling device. Double width, separable warp tying frame permit rationalized working on looms with twin warps. The separated tying frame can also be used for looms of normal single beams.

Jaytex dressing frames are made out of specially extruded alloy sections which are very sturdy and light weight and at the same time durable for years of service. The yarn clamp holding and tensioning device are simplified for faster dressing; it is designed for easy adjustments vertically and horizontally, to adjust the height according to your loom. They come in very wide range of working width, according to your looms and choice.

For faster dressing and easy clamping of coarser warps below 12’s we recommend you our HD/UB type frames, provided with very sturdy U type rubberized, alloy clamps, with oval shaped EN-9 steel bars. Clamping system of Jaytex dressing frame is designed to press the entire warp sheet in parallel and firm condition. Rubbers on both the sides of tension rails guarantees firm grip to the most slippery and fine warp. Jaytex also has Heavy Duty Bar Tensioning Yarn Dressing Frame specially developed for denim & coarser warps. These frames are very sturdy. Special type frames for any imported machines can also be made on order.
pattern control model  
For faster dressing and easy clamping of coarser warps below 12's only. We recommend you our HD/UB-type rames, provided with very sturdy U-type, rubberised, alloy clapms, with oval shaped EN-9 Steel bars.
pattern control model  
Clamping system of Jaytex Dressing frame is designed to press the enitre warp sheet in parallel and firm condition. Rubbers on both the sides of tension rails guarantees firm grip to the most slippery and fine warp.
Jaytex Warp Leasing- In Machine :

One of the most important stages in the preparation of warps for weaving is the insertion of the lease. A lease is needed to be able to separate the individual threads in a warp sheet from one another, or to precisely define the thread sequence. This process establishes the warp ends in the sequence prescribed by the warper or beamer. It is especially important to have the correct sequence in densely set of patterned warps, as well as in warps containing fine yarns, such as synthetics, filament or worsted yarns. By using Jaytex universal warp Leasing-In machine the preparatory process in your weaving will become highly rationalized, all type of sized warps can be automatically and correctly leased at a high speed. Leasing each and every warp end means arresting them in their original position, and not allowing them to migrate. With a perfect 1 :1 lease in the warp, the subsequent processes such as automatic drawing –in becomes more reliable, simpler & faster.

It Helps :
• Consequently it improves.
• Even tensioning to each warp over the entire width.
• Reduction in fluffiness in the warps.
• Reduces end breakages during weaving.
• Frequent loom stoppage is reduced.
• Improves the quality of woven products.
• Rationalizing the preparatory process.
• Fully Automatic. The machine can be left alone during operation.

A must for high speed and jet looms. A boon to the filament single and sizers and weavers. High productivity at low labor cost.
Models For Warp Leasing-In Machine:
Fully automatic Jaytex AFM 2 Model Warp Leasing-In-Machine’s selector carriage is now with new features, advancing movement of the same is in co-ordination with the density of the warps. The unique gear assembly, with sensitive advance feeler makes it possible. The selector carriage moves on the toothed rack exactly as per the spacing of the yarn, to enable the selector needle pick-up only one thread at one time. Also second knock off selector is provided to prevent double thread leasing. Available in various sizes as per your weavers beam.
Jaytex Warp Reaching – In Machine :
Jaytex warp Reaching-in equipment is used by most of the large weaving mills, in India and abroad. Semi automatic requires only one drawer. 100% Indigenous. Sturdy and durable frame work. Suitable for all type of yarn cotton, synthetic, blends, woolen blends with different colors and patterns in single warp sheet. Suitable for all types of warp beams, heald frames, droppers and reeds. Wide range of R.S. width, according to your loom beam size.

• Semi-automatic.
• Requires one drawer only.
• Important component made from special alloy.
• Can be used with or without lease.
• Easy to learn and maintain.
Models For Warp Reaching-In Machine

Models for Warp Reaching – In Machine:

JI Type Warp Reaching-In Machine:
Work without lease. Suitable for sized or unsized warps with uniform count over a width of weaver’s beam which is to be drawn on this machine, single or double, twisted with S or Z twist. Selector carriage sorting and progressing speed is controlled automatically according to the density of yarn and picking speed of the drawer. The selecting carriage provided with a compact F.H.P. Electric motor suitable for continuous operation. Automatic stop motion provided, in case thread is not drawn from the magazine or to co-ordinate with the drawing speed of a drawer.
JII Type Warp Reaching-In Machine:
Works with one up one down double lease. Suitable only for leased warps. Warp beams drawn on a sectional warper, or leased by auto-leasing machine. Material range is practically unlimited. Any warp yarn of which the intended fabric is to be woven should it be from natural or manmade, synthetics or chemical fiber, even on one single warp beam there may be different counts or different quality of yarn, with different colors and pattern specially suiting and shirting, double or single, twisted with S & Z twist. The selector can exactly separate the warp end as per the lease without any failure or damage. The carriage moves according to the density and speed of the drawer. Provided with auto stop motion in case of selection failure or to co-ordinate with the drawing speed of the drawer.
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